SpeEd Robotics Workshop 2020 (with Prime & Special Needs Primary Students from Malaysia Scouts Society, District of Johor Bahru)

The IEEE Education Society Malaysia Chapter (EDUSOC) collaborated with STEM RBTK School of Electrical Engineering and Persatuan Pengakap Johor Bharu to organize the SpeEd Robotics Workshop 2020.  EDUSOC co-sponsored the workshop. In this workshop, 35 teams of primary school students (including 12 teams from special needs school) from Persatuan Pengakap Malaysia, Daerah Johor Bahru participated in the SpeEd Robotics Workshop 2020. Each team consisted of 2 students with an accompanying teacher.

The aims of the workshop are:

  • To promote STEM & engineering education and computational thinking skills to primary school students (prime & special needs) & accompanying teachers through the knowledge transfer on programming & internet of things.
  • To guide primary school students (prime & special needs) & accompanying teachers in the control application of robotics and drone through experiential learning.

23 teams were in the Tuah Robot group which uses Tinker code programming and 12 teams were in the Drone Robot group which applied Drone Block programming.  All teams were introduced to the concepts of programming at the beginning of the workshop.Each team were given missions to complete which ranged from the simplest activities to more complex activities – including programming design, movement through instructions (light sensing & autonomous tracer) and Bluetooth control using mobile applications

In each mission, all teams were given instructions by the trainers (2 main trainers) and assisted by 17 facilitators. The accompanying teachers were required to state the time and verify once each mission is completed in the Task Completion Form. At the end of the workshop, a competition among the teams was conducted. Each team were required to control the robot using IoT via mobile device and complete the assigned task.

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