Discover LabVIEW applications in Malaysian Industries

On 4th November 2020, a webinar given by Puan Nur Hamiza Meor Hamzah, Senior Business Development from VISINERGY Sdn Bhd. She eased into the sharing session by informing the eager final year students on some tips on how to search for employers that are keen to hire graduates with LabVIEW programming background. She then moved on to the highlight of the webinar, which is on the actual applications and uses of LabVIEW in the Malaysian Industries such as how LabVIEW can be integrated in a harness test system for safety quality control. LabVIEW has also been used for a fruit ripeness grading system to segregate the fruits into ripe, under-ripe, overripe, rotten, unripe categories. One of the applications that took the students by surprise was how LabVIEW can also be used to conduct blast tests with the purpose to develop innovative approach to existing manufacturing procedures. All in all, the session was a success as many of the participants expressed their feedback to the organizers on how the session has widened their horizons on the vast LabVIEW possibilities.